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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

They have unique abilities that allow them to work across multiple dimensions as we are all multi-dimensional beings and there are many invisible aspects that influence our human form.

Sshriviral Manek & Sshreevidhyaa — Founder & Co-Founder.

We use of techniques to remove curses and hexes from you. You will start experiencing positive changes in your mental and physical health the moment you start the removal process.

We will install a protective shield that helps to safeguard yourfamily andyour premises from evil and negativity, attract beneficial powers which help to achieve peace, happiness, prosperity and reach your goals.

This deep healing allows to reintegrate all parts of your being, to release the burdens and past traumas it carries and to align you to your higher divine plan. Soul healing session will take you deep and clear deep wounds, bad karma,low vibrational energy and negative baggage.

An extremely effective cleansing process to remove all negative energy, stress, anger, anxiety and feelings of depression from you!If you are having constant events of bad luck or none of your work is getting done or getting bad results even after taking proper steps then this cleansing process is the one for you.

Target healing is only for those when strong external forces are greatly standing in the way of growth and success. These evil forces penetrates and damagesyour mind, body, heart, and souland are directobstaclesto manifestation.Target Healing is one such services that works on your specific obstacles

Our Product & Services

PPure Energy is founded by Shri Viral Manek, a renowned author, psychologist, energy worker, mystic guru & Sshreevidhyaa an excellent clairvoyant, money alchemist, healer, vaastu expert, gem therapist giving latest and greatest tools for easing into your power and making the most out of life.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Love It... was not into meditation at first but things started to happen to me so a friend who knows Viralji told me to look into it and did and am sold! My life has been better been happier than ever. Oh yeah, | love it with my heart! Viralji is so courteous! Very professional and patient. am very blessed having him in my life. After a few sessions with him my inner awareness has elevated a great deal.
Business Owner
My inner strength Viralji helps me a lot every time when | don’t feel good. He helps me find answers to my questions. His availability and effects are indescribable. As soon as | have a hard time to deal with certain stress in my life, | contact him and he brings me the support | need to find myself back in a good place again. Viralji helps me feel better with his ever expanding power that helps me unlock my inner strength.
Ad Maker
| Was Skeptical At First | am a person who always lacked self-confidence and do not know how to manage my emotions and was on medications but | wanted to be off it. So, | talked about my situation to a friend who suggested me to get help by taking a non-meditative approach and so | attended Divya Sshakti. At first | was skeptical and did not really know what to think of it. But after three days, | have put my life in order and | no longer need those medications. Dear Viralji, | owe you a big thank you for your help and advice, THANK YOU.
Corporate Trainer
The Shining Light Viralji is a shining light of unconditional love, generosity, skill, and care. | am grateful for his assistance, kindness, and powers of attention and healing powers. Viralji’s has the power to tap in and give solution is very evident, as is his commitment to helping others in authentic search for health, happiness and harmony. He serves the Planet and all Beings.
House Maker