A Celebration of Awakening

MahaShivratri is a festival that honours the founder of meditation – Lord Shiv. This one night is a celebration of soul or consciousness within. This is the only night when Shiv Energy comes in direct contact with earth and we get natural upsurge of energy within our body.

To harness this energy and you must meditate and surrender. Meditation gives access to “the beyond” where the mind and intellect cannot reach. This experience takes us to the fourth level of consciousness that is also called Shiv Consciousness.

And surrender is to having the faith that there is a divine power that is taking care of us. Thus, meditation and surrender ultimately bring peace and solace to us.

With our time together this what you will experience:

Your Teacher

“ShriViral Manek”

ShriViral Manek, having divine mystical powers, has the ability to tune into many parallel worlds and other dimensions. So named as the “Man from Beyond” for his accuracy, he works closely with healers, spiritual practitioners, tarot experts, professional practitioners, and businesspeople to read their energy, provide remedies, and put them on the path chosen for them by divine.

Powerful Chants by


A powerful Psychic Reader, as a little girl she could write things and they would come true. As time passed, she started getting vision flashes about events in the future. Her powers have grown since, and she is able to bestow some mighty psychic protection upon those who need it the most among the people who consult her.

celebration starts in:


JOIN the celebration with SHRIVIRAL MANEK and re-live the TRUE feeling of AWAKENING as you directly get connected to SHIV’s energy.

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Price: ₹999

covers dinner and refreshments entire night.

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