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You May Be Travelling To Parallel Universe Unknowingly, To Solve Your Problems…
But Now Get The Tools & Techniques To Travel Anytime

Curious to know how totravel in a parallel universe, anytime?

Travel through time and see your past or future. Decide where you would like to go or who you would like to come in contact with - visit your past self from this current reality, meet yourself 4 years ago. Tapping into any time period is possible. If you are keen you will get tools & techniques so you can see and talk to all the versions of yourself.

The MahaShakti 1-day Workshop Outline:

Introduction to MahaShakti:

We will talk about why we created 1-day MahaShakti workshop and how it will benefit you to create wealth and abundance in all areas of your life.

Clearance and Connection:

This is the first process of possessing these unbelievable powers. We will walk you through our proprietary process of cleansing and getting connected these powers.

Activation with Sacred Chants:

You will bechant upon some of the most sacred chants that will activate your senses to receive MahaShakti.
Best part: you don’t have to be in spiritual practice for this to happen. abundance in all areas of your life.

9 Basic MahaShakti Activation for Connection:

Reachouttoparallel worldwhere you have access to tools & techniques capable of sending out a signalthat contacts you. You will be able to pick up your signal and bring youover to a parallel universe, anytime.

8 Advance MahaShakti Activation for Connection:

Take a shortcut to connect your alternate self in parallel universe. Thinkof this advance MahaShakti activation as a bullet train—travelling ata speed of light.

6 Basic MahaShakti Activation for Abundance:

This process will give you access infinite wisdom and knowledge; receive guidance and support on your journey; heal your wounds and traumas; and create lasting change in your life.

Good Luck Activation:

A powerful activation ritual that attracts luck.Once in the attraction field, more positive thingswill happen to you.Peoplecallthis activation process as ablessing activation process.

MahaShakti DNA Activation:

We do healingwork and psychicwork on your DNA. Thisflow of energy will activate supernatural abilities in you so you don’t have any limitation.

Be With Your Avatar ( Mystical Self From Other World):

Everything that you ever wanted is all in the universe, in this process you will learn how to tune in and create your own avatar.

Chant of Creation:

Our Vedas say that sacred practices of using the voice and sound are the fastest way to awakening, enlightenment, and creation. This is prefect for anything that you want to create.

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